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Beneath Eldritch Lake: An Oz Caduca Mystery - David X Reiver

Following the death of his survivalist father, Ozymandias Caduca returns to his hometown for the first time in years. His plans for a quick exit are foiled when the old man's body goes missing, a mysterious woman begins to follow him, and the general population begin to attack each other. Then things get weird.


In his experimental full-length debut, David X Reiver explores madness, reality, and death in this frenetic swandive into chaos. With a whole town ready to eat itself, the steaks have never been more ignored. The stakes, however, are life or death.


David X Reiver has written multiple action-adventure novellas feature Lancelot Graves, a disgraced government asset turned travel writer. His short stories have featured all over the web, including 101 Words, Taco Bell Quarterly, and The New Yorker's junk folder.







All profits from ebook sales will be donated to charities providing food and shelter for children.

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Love at the end of everything - D. D. Williams

It is 22 Billion years in the future and the last living thing in the universe has decided to do the one thing they swore they never would: write their memoir. An aeon-spanning adventure sees a meek immortal overcoming their guilt and shame as they try to save the world. Will they? Maybe for a little while.


This darkly comic voyage of colonialism, hope, and our ever-flowing relationship with a living history is D.D William's debut novel. It was pitched as "an allegory for what happens when someone stops blaming a woman for all his problems and tries to make a difference" but it's much more than that.


D.D. has battled homelessness, addiction, and mental strife in the past and wrote this while working to better themselves. In the past, they worked as a local playwright, grocery clerk, croupier, dead letters clerk, and professional thigh model.




20% of each sale will be donated to Live Well with Cancer, a health and wellbeing non-profit based in England.

Four strangers find themselves in a desolate desert town. To pass the time, they play cards and share tall tales. They're all bluffing. Some about more than just their hand.


This western cryptid anthology pits man against not only beast but his own ignorance. The country is rejecting its new settlers and nobody is quite sure why. Stories set in everything from deserts and forests to armed trains and mineshafts, this story sets the tone for the upcoming Cursed and Dead series. This is the west that wasn't.


Avi Llio is a two-time immigrant who has worked as a staff writer and freelance mercenary in the past. They wanted to write something that  condemns a continent's bloody history while also sharing a bunch of stories where outsiders and outlaws fight monsters.







20% of each sale will be used to help promote and develop indigenous creatives in the Americas

the cursed and the dead: Silver and Lead - Avi Llio