No longer Available (Pending litigation)

  • Electric Man

  • Electric Man 2
  • Electric Man vs Bat Bloke
  • Super Brothers Smash
  • Trendy Tammy Eats Tamales
  • Jamaica? I Hardly Knew Her
  • India? I Hardly Knew Her
  • Namibia? She Went of her own Accord
  • Real Actual Snuff
  • The Satire That Broke England
  • Taxi Driver 3 The Unofficial Sequel
  • Mickey Mouse Should Be Public Domain
  • Flight Club
  • Osama's Secret Life of Mystery
  • There are rich child rapists in power
  • Nobody Watch This
  • Roman Polanski is the Tip of the Iceberg
  • Godfather 4 : Fredo's Return
  • Rock Lobster's Revenge
  • Pirates in the Caribbean
  • Edgelord the Movie

We don't need to tell you how this year's pandemic has impacted the arts as a whole. So we won't.


Having said that, we are in the process of developing several ideas and are excited about the prospect of them coming to fruition. It's just going to take longer than expected is all.


What are they? That would be giving it away, but they're weird, experimental horror films with unique POVs and hopefully some sort of subtext beneath and behind them. Watch this space.