No, but seriously

Ixtab Media was created with overlooked and underutilized artists in mind. Whether commissioning bright, young painters to design our book covers, or hiring talented-but-ignored writers to create our wonderful world of stories, our goal has always been one of collaboration, cohesion, and creativity. And what better way to represent that than through the medium of film? With our literary goals slowly building on their own, we are now branching out into the world of film! I know, right! The goal is to create all manner of fun and engaging projects that will bring together an array of talent and also provide an alternative to studio-led films we see today.


Thanks to contributions from the private sector, we can now move forward with phase 2. And where better to start that than with a visual retelling of one of our charter stories? We will be adding to this as time progresses, with a focus on short films and low-budget film, but for now may we present, our first casting call:
We Want To Work With You!

Open Casting for The Cursed and The Dead: A Limited Series

We are looking for five actors to film a portion of the pilot episode.


The Cursed and The Dead is an alternative look at US history filled with cryptids and supernatural figures. This segment will be filmed in the North East of England and will involve a lot of long days in the woods. Stunt training and a background in character acting is preferred. This project will pay above minimum wage and will cover transportation costs. Please feel free to contact Jotun Silverhand ( if you have any questions. Please keep an eye out as we will be updating this page with additional sections in the future, each set in a different location.
The roles:
MILTON: A tall, gruff man who is not comfortable with himself. Would rather fight than talk, would rather drink than fight. Think the Unabomber if he was six eight, won a fight against a yeti, and wore pelts for clothes.
JOSHUA: A sly and myserious salesman. You might think you want what he's selling, but he offers no refunds. Think a young Derren Brown if he dressed like Dorian Grey and used his powers for evil.
QUINN: A city slicker through and through. Paid Milton to enter the woods, but will they have enough money to buy his way out?
O: A non-binary hunter from Mexico. Quiet, good with a gun, and no patience for people with stupid questions. Wants to catch a legend with their own bare hands.
OLD RED: A feeble old man who has been in his cabin too long. He says a monster ate his kinfolk, but monster don't roam these woods. Do they?